Showbox IOS: People who use the iPhone are sometimes limited in terms of the applications they would like to use, as not all apps that are developed for Android are compatible with iOS. For iOS lovers, this does not mean that their operating system is limited or bad, just that there are Android applications that are very good and useful and that are not available for iOS.

In the case of ShowBox, it is not the difference, however, there is an alternative application that is basically the same Show Box environment, but for iOS and it is a Movie Box

showbox ios

What Is ShowBox

Basically it is the same application so the only difference you will find is the name. You can use the rest exactly as you do with Show Box to watch your favorite movies and videos.

But, like show box, this application is not official, so you will not find it in the App Store which is the official iOS application store, however, as you do in Android, there is also an alternative store of applications so you can download and enjoy your favorite movies, series and TV channels.

Download ShowBox:

This application is not in the official iOS application store, so the first thing you will have to do is download an alternative application store. There are several that you could use, but in this case, for security and reliability issues I recommend Emus4u, which you can download directly to your mobile from the official website of its developers,

  • To install this alternative store, open your browser and go to the address
  • Then you must tap the yellow button that says “Install onto your device”.
  • Later you will see a message indicating that this website is trying to make changes to your device. Tap on “Allow”.
  • Then the installer icon will open and you should tap on the upper right where it says Install.
  • Then it will ask you to enter the key of your device to be able to continue with the installation. Enter your secret code and tap done.
  • The installation profile will open again, but now a button will appear at the bottom that says “Install”. Tap there.
  • The installation process will begin and when it is finished you will see the Emus4u icon on the desktop of your iPhone.

Open the application and you will initially see a screen that welcomes you to the application and indicates that it could be updated automatically.

Then the following screen will open where you can see three buttons with the different types of applications that you can find in Emus4u: Emulators (blue button) for emulators or programs that serve you to use functionalities as if you were using another operating system.

Streaming Apps (red button) where you will find applications, as you can imagine, to watch videos and/or listen to music online. And finally Tweaked Apps ++ (green button) which are social applications in their improved versions such as Snapchat ++.